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Lubrication & Tune Up

Regular maintenance is recommended by any garage door professional. The difference a service on your garage door can make is always our favorite part of fixing someone’s garage door system. A lubrication and tune-up service regularly applied can extend the life of every component of your garage door. From our basic lube and tune service to our system overhaul, there are multiple options to help your system thrive. Our highly trained technicians can pinpoint a noise issue within seconds of hearing the system. If you are concerned about the noise coming from your garage door, give us a call today for a free estimate and inspection of your garage door and garage door opener. We’ll dispatch a tech to tailor options that work best for you.

How Often Should I Do a Lube & Tune?

At the bare minimum it is recommended to lubricate once a year. This includes lubricating all the major moving components of your garage door and your motor. It is better to do this twice a year to ensure maximum longevity for your garage door system. A good way to remember this is to lubricate every time you get your tires rotated. Or you can lubricate before the temperature changes. Changes in temperature can put strain on your garage door system, so a good lubrication helps your system survive the temperature changes.

What Kind of Lubricant Should I Use?

We recommend using a silicone-based lubricant or a white lube lithium penetrating grease. Both lubricate and thickens to protect dust from entering the part. WD-40 is not recommended as it is a penetrating lubricant so it will penetrate and drip out. You want it to lubricate and stay on there to keep working and prevent any rust or corrosion.

Should I Replace My Rollers?

Replacing your garage door rollers can be a very quick and cost-effective way to see a drastic improvement in how your garage door sounds & feels. Many times, we show up to homes with rollers that are original to the door and are way beyond the rated lifespan. Most basic rollers have a metal stem with a nylon roller that after years of use will gum up and end up dragging rather than rolling like it should. We recommend having our tech come and give a free estimate of your system. When we replace the rollers, we don’t give you the same cheap product. We use premium sealed 13 ball bearing rollers that require no maintenance or lubrication. These rollers will last anywhere from 10-20 years and will keep your door quiet and smooth for many years to come.

Why Use Us?

A lubrication is often something simple that can be done regularly by the homeowner to help increase the lifespan of your garage door system. Our technicians work on garage doors day in & day out so with our trained ears we are able to pinpoint potential problem areas before they become real problems. We know what exactly needs to be lubricated and we also do a visual inspection, noise inspection, and functionality testing. With a lubrication, tune up, & roller replacement we guarantee you will hear a noticeable noise reduction immediately. Call today to give your garage door system the love & attention it deserves!

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