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Crash Door/Panel Repair

Hey, sometimes life happens and someone crashes into your garage door. Or sometimes just after a panel has been going up & down for 20+ years it starts to show cracks or is sagging when open. Even a bicycle or a basketball can cause cosmetic damage to occur.

There are many factors that we need to assess when we come for a free estimate.

  • Extent of damage – cracks, dents, sagging
  • Panel manufacturer & model
  • Replacement panels still in production

Can Cosmetic Damage be Repaired?

Depending on the extent of damage that occurred sometimes the metal can be repaired. However, when the damage occurs this often stretches the metal. So, even if you are able to repair the damage this has created a weak point in the structure of the door. We don’t do this service for this reason. It is recommended to replace the panel or simply try to repair it yourself.

When It Makes Sense to Reinforce the Panel?

Depending on the extent of the damage it may make sense to just reinforce the panel to slow down cracks or dents from getting worse. We reinforce with a strut that spans the entire length of the garage door to help it stay rigid/straight while the door is in motion. Ultimately this repair is a band aid type solution and is simply a stall. It won’t fix any cosmetic damage, but it will get the door operational again. This type of repair can make sense depending on your budget or your plans with the home. Ask the tech to go over all your options. Depending on the extent of the damage this option may not be available. The long-term solution would be to replace the panel or the entire door.

When It Makes Sense to Replace the Panel?

As mentioned above reinforcement does not fix any cosmetic damage or tears so a better solution is usually to replace the panels. However, manufacturers may discontinue certain make/models of their doors. If this is the case for you, then you’ll have to replace the entire garage door. Rest assured we will go over all the options with you so you can make an informed decision that meets your needs. We can determine the make/model of your garage door by an on-site inspection. Call Blue Fox Garage doors and we can come go over your options with you.

When it Makes Sense to Replace the Whole Door?

If the extent of the damage is too great in some cases, it makes more sense to replace the entire garage door system. When a panel is dented or cracked this can stretch the metal in other parts of the garage door that may not be immediately visible. Also, sometimes the cost of panel replacement vs. whole door replacement isn’t too different depending on your current system. Our technicians will approach each appointment with the heart of a teacher to explain your options.

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