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Garage Door Spring Replacement

Perhaps the most common garage door repair we come out to fix is a broken garage door spring. But without this part working properly your door may not even open. Here are a couple questions you can use to assess whether you may have a broken spring.

  • Is your door not opening?
  • Does your door only open a foot but then it stops & goes back down?
  • If you disengage the motor by pulling the red rope, are you able to lift the door easily?
  • Look above the center of your door and do you see a gap in the black/silver coil springs?
    • If you don’t see black/silver coil springs, see Torque Master Conversion service page

What are garage door springs?

Garage door springs may appear to be simple, but they perform an essential function in this complex system. The springs are essentially the MUSCLE of the door. The springs do all the heavy lifting and work in conjunction with the cables, drums, & rollers to raise & lower the door safely multiple times a day. The springs create a counterbalance on your garage door so that when you or your motor lift the door it feels light. A properly engineered spring can make a 200lbs door feel like it weighs only 5lbs to lift. To accomplish this proper ratio in this counterbalance system, springs use 3 different factors (coil size, internal diameter, & length) that change their strength & longevity of the part. This is known as Inch Pounds Per Turn or IPPT.

Why Use Us?

Not every door is the same and many factors determine the overall IPPT of your door. This includes width, height, track type, drum type, & overall weight. Our technicians are trained on how to engineer the proper counterbalance system for your door. We do this repair so often that we can often engineer the proper springs just by looking at the door. The springs that we carry have 5X longer lifespan than other springs that some competitors use. We stand by our work and back it with a 5-year parts & labor warranty (unless otherwise specified). Our trained technicians will know how to walk you through getting a trapped car out of the garage and execute a proper repair. With our quick response times, we can have your garage door springs working again promptly.

Custom Springs

Sometimes when we show up to a house and the doors are extremely heavy. The stock springs we carry on our trucks may need to be upgraded.. With any new installation, we will custom build an oil tempered spring designed to handle your garage door. Not only are they oil tempered and designed to handle the weight of your specific garage door, but they are also much quieter than the average spring and you can request to get high cycle springs that last longer.

Leave it to the Experts!

As with most DIY projects this repair seems simple enough. You tell yourself “Yeah I can do that…no problem”. WRONG. Torsion springs are under EXTREME tension to provide the proper counterbalance system. If you don’t follow the proper steps or use the right tools, you are putting yourself at great risk for injury or even death. Do a quick google search of garage door spring injury and you can see the potential for disaster. For us YES, this project is simple since our techs do this repair multiple times a day. Most of the time we are done within 30 minutes. You aren’t paying us for our time, you are paying for our knowledge & expertise to be able to do this repair safely & correctly. For the average homeowner without the proper tools or know how, this repair is simply not worth the risk to save some money. Also, the likelihood of engineering the proper springs is difficult to do without proper training.

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