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Internal Spring Garage Door System

Torque Master spring systems are like a standard torsion spring system with a few but important differences. The main difference is that instead of having the springs on the outside of the torsion tube the springs are located inside the tube that sits above the garage door opening. This system is specific to one manufacturer who tends to install “budget friendly” garage door systems. Since this system is specific to one manufacturer whenever we encounter these systems, we convert them to the universal spring system. The reason for the conversion comes down to three main factors.

  • Availability of parts – since all garage door manufacturers (except this one) use a universal system than we only carry the parts for the universal systems since they are the most common
  • Quality of parts – Torque master systems use thinner gauge metal mixed with plastic parts that just simply don’t stand the test of time
  • Future maintenance – When future service is needed then your garage door system is easier & cheaper to maintain going forward

How can you tell if your torque master system isn’t working?

Since a torque master system performs the same function as a universal torsion system, you can use many of the same diagnosing techniques to assess whether the system is functioning properly. The most common repair is a broken spring. What is involved in a Torque Master Conversion?

This service is like a spring repair. However, since we are converting the low-quality counterbalance system with our high-quality parts then there are more parts involved. Here is a list of parts we need to use and why this repair is more costly than just a standard spring repair.

  • New torsion springs (usually in pairs for double doors)
  • New set of thicker gauge cables
  • New thicker gauge torsion tube
  • New centerplate with ball bearings
  • New pair of end plates with ball bearings
  • New pair of aluminum cast drums

All these parts work together to open & close your garage door with ease. These are also high-quality parts that are rated to have a much longer life than the parts that came with the torque master system.

Why Use Us?

The parts that we carry have 5X longer lifespan than other parts that some competitors use. We stand by our work and back it with a 5-year parts & labor warranty (unless otherwise specified). Our trained technicians will know how to walk you through getting a trapped car out of the garage and execute a proper repair. With our quick response times, we can have your garage door working again promptly.

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