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Weather Seal Replacement

Are you noticing that the elements are entering your garage easily. Perhaps you may need to consider replacing your weather seal that goes around the garage door. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you determine if this service may be a need for you.

  • After a rainstorm do you have puddles of water inside your garage?
  • After a windy day do you have a bunch of leaves/debris in your garage?
  • Are the side & bottom seals rigid or cracked?
  • Are unwanted critters easily able to enter your garage?

If you answered yes to any of these questions than you may want to consider replacing your weather seal.

Weather Trim

This is the material that is mounted to the frame of the garage door opening and remains stationary. It normally consists of a 2in piece of thin material that often has a wood like texture to it. This material has a flap attached to it and when mounted properly and in good condition provides a good weather seal and helps prevent wind roll off. Often after years of being cooked in the Arizona sun this flap becomes rigid & can sometimes crack thus not making a great seal. Lack of a proper seal can cause all the things mentioned above. This is a simple fix, and we simply replace the weather trim that goes around the opening. This way you have a new flexible flap that helps creates an excellent seal and keeps the outdoors where it belongs.

Bottom Seal

This is the material that is attached to the bottom of the garage door itself. This component moves up & down with the door. This rubber seal is designed to make good contact with the pavement below and keep the elements out. As with all things rubber, eventually the Arizona sun does its worst over the years and eventually turns the bottom seal into a rigid piece that is no longer able to do its job well. Having a good bottom seal will help keep the elements out of garage. This is a simple fix, and we can come and change out the bottom seal on your garage door. We can even supply a thicker bottom seal in case you have uneven concrete.

What if your garage door doesn’t have the standard track (also known as retainer or astragal) that the bottom seal slides into? No problem. Some garage door manufacturers utilize a different type of retainer that the bottom seal slides into (T style, circle style, bulb style, flap, etc.). We can mount a universal aluminum retainer to the bottom of the door so that your new bottom seal can be accepted onto your door.

Why Use Us?

These are both projects that can seem easy to do for a DIYer to do. But there maybe more to it than you think. Consumers can’t purchase the right lengths of weather trim to provide a seamless finish. Most home centers only carry 7-8ft pieces thus making it so you would have to mount 2 pieces on the top of the garage for a double. Also not mention the material that we are able to get is much thicker & better quality. We’ve seen many customers do it on their own but then their garage door doesn’t work afterward. This is often because too much pressure is applied to the door and the motor “thinks” there is an obstruction. We come equipped to replace most major manufacturers on the spot. So why bother with ordering the wrong part and struggling to replace it on your own. We know the tricks of the trade to get it done and move on with your day. We warranty our parts & labor so you can have piece of mind knowing that it is done right.

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