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Opener/Motor Installation

Blue Fox Garage Doors services all major brands on the market. From LIftMaster, to Genie, to Marantec, to Craftsman and more. We have a proven track record of helping thousands of customers just like you. Previous customers have paved the way for Blue Fox to continue to provide outstanding customer service to every customer we are able to meet.

What Do We Recommend?

Our chosen preferred brand of Garage Door openers is LIftMaster. LIftMaster designs are far superior to the rest. Designed to last longer than the rest, no other brand has provided quality motors for as long as LIftMaster has. A company whose primary focus is installing LIftMaster shows you what type of company they are. Naturally you will pay a little bit more for a high-quality motor, but the result is reliability over time. You’ll simply replace LIftMaster less than any other brand. LIftMaster is a global leader in access solutions and products. They are also the industry standard on garage door openers for decades. Blue Fox has given its stamp of approval for LIftMaster. Call today if you have questions about a garage door brand or if you are looking to replace your existing aged system.

What Motor Should I Get?

Well, that depends entirely on you and what you are looking for. There is a wide range of options and price points. The technology is always improving as well to provide solutions to our increasing changing needs. Here are some ways to help you shop

As already mentioned, there are many options & companies to choose from. You can meet with a technician and discuss with them what you are looking for. If you are on a budget, we recommend a chain drive with an AC motor that has basic features. This will get the job done but the warranty won’t be as long, it will be louder than other units, & it isn’t rich in features. But it does open & close the door reliably for many years to come. If you want something better than the base model, than explore the other two categories below

We will start with the noisiest motors and work our way up to the quietest

  • Chain Drive with AC Motor – this is the base model mentioned above
  • Belt Drive with AC Motor – this is a step up from the chain which offer some noise reduction
  • Belt Drive with DC Motor – this offers a significant jump in noise reduction as the motor will adjust the power to be exactly what is needed to move the door up & down. These motors also have a soft close/open feature
  • Jackshaft or Side Mount Motor – This motor offers reduces the noise level a little more than the previous option, but it is mounted differently so that it doesn’t take up ceiling space. This unit also has different features

As mentioned before, the technology is constantly changing and improving. Here are some popular features that are currently available

  • Wi-Fi & App Connectivity – All Units nowadays have this feature included with a new motor install
  • Amazon Key – Allows Amazon a 1-time access code to open your garage and drop off the package, so no more porch pirates
  • Built in LED lights of 1,500+ Lumens so no need to change a bulb
  • Built in backup battery so you can use your motor even during power outages
  • Built in Camera so you can monitor the activity in your garage – great if you use Amazon Key
  • Wall Button with advanced features like (automatic close, LCD screen, diagnostics, etc.)
  • Much more

If you have something that is important to you than give us a call or discuss with the tech to find out what motor best meets your needs.

Customer Provided Motor Install

It is no secret that you can buy your own motor from many big box stores or online. We’d be happy to install a unit that you have purchased. Just make sure you buy the operate motor for your door and that all parts are included that we will need for the installation. We warranty our labor only on this one. If you’d like the best motors in the industry with longer lasting warranties, please consider a LIftMaster motor installed by Blue Fox Garage Doors.

Why Choose Us?

As with many things this can be done by a DIYer. But when it comes to garage door motors. It is usually the kind of thing that you want to get it taken care of and then not have to worry about it for many years to come. Don’t spend your precious Saturday up on a ladder struggling through an installation. Trust us to install the best products available, with long lasting warranties, at a great price. Our technicians won’t push you into something that you don’t want or need but they will educate you on your options and let you make the choice. When we install motors, you know that we are doing it right because we install them every day.

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