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You rely on your garage door to help you protect your car and other items, but maintaining its beauty is just as important. At Blue Fox Garage Doors, we want to keep your garage door both looking and working its best.

And when you need a brand-new door, we can help you find the garage door that best suits your home’s exterior style while ensuring the door also will meet your needs for security and protection.

From minor repairs to complex rebuilds, our talented team can handle any of your garage door service needs in Mesa.

Choose Us for Your New Mesa Garage Door Installation

When you need a new garage door, you’ll want to find a company that can offer a wide range of door styles and types. Blue Fox Garage Doors can help you choose from a wide variety of steel or wood garage doors. We’ll help you find an option that will match your home in color, style, and texture.

Once you select the perfect garage door for your home, you can trust us to provide expert Mesa garage door installation services. Our team has the training and experience to ensure every door gets installed according to the highest standards.

Our Garage Door Services in Mesa Include Preventive Maintenance

Depending on the type and quality of your garage door, it should last from 15 to 30 years. In addition to making prompt use of garage door repair services in Mesa, establishing a good preventive care routine can help you extend the lifetime of your door.

Blue Fox Garage Doors offers routine tune-ups to help you maintain the good condition of your door from year to year. This service includes:

  • Looking for damage to the tracks and mounting brackets
  • Securing loose fittings, bolts, and screws
  • Checking the alignment of the tracks
  • Cleaning and greasing the rollers
  • Inspecting the door panels, hinges, and fixtures
  • Lubricating the motor and drive chain
  • Cleaning and adjusting the sensor

As a part of our garage door services in Mesa, we’ll also replace components that are no longer in good condition. This care is essential to ensure small problems don’t eventually cause significant damage to your door.

Know When to Call Us for Garage Door Repair Services in Mesa

When you need Mesa garage door repair, it’s important to schedule service right away.

Even a short delay can lead to the problem causing damage to other parts of the door. You might not notice some problems at first, since a slowly opening door or jerking movements might evolve slowly. As these problems worsen, they will become more obvious.

For example, you should contact Blue Fox Garage Doors for Mesa garage door repair if the door seems out of balance. The rollers might have fallen off of the track, or a sensor issue could be causing the problem. We can repair other problems with the motor, as well as issues with the remote and various components of the system.

Trust Mesa’s Garage Door Experts

No matter what type of garage door service you need in Mesa, AZ, you can trust the professional team at Blue Fox Garage Doors to provide you with top-quality service. We’ll help you care for your garage door through every stage of its lifetime.

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