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One of the main moving components of your system is the garage door rollers. They are in the steel tracks and allow the door to move seamlessly up and down. With variations of styles such as steel, plastic and nylon, the rollers are an essential part of smooth operation. To ensure maximum life of other garage door components and systems, the rollers need to roll smooth. Often people don’t know these rollers need lubrication to keep the door system quiet and resistance free. Due to lack of maintenance and understanding of how the garage door works, it usually results in a shortened life span of these rollers.

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In most cases, homeowners simply don’t know the garage door needs attention, and the rollers tend to suffer the most. Dust and dirt build up can cause binding and dragging in the tracks, resulting in abnormal wear. Blue Fox Garage Doors takes pride in using a premium sealed nylon ball bearing roller. These garage door rollers have covers on the bearing and are protected from dirt and dust, and are also self-lubricated, which means no maintenance necessary. The result is less cost over time and long-lasting parts. You’ll be amazed what a new set of rollers can do for your garage door system. Call us today for a free estimate and inspection if your garage door is noisy. We’ll have a trained technician look at all major components and recommend accordingly. Call today at 480-877-9841

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