The Price Estimates of Fixing a Garage Door: What To Expect In Gilbert, AZ

July 9, 2023, by Blue Fox Garage Doors

What is the price estimate for Gilbert garage doors

When it comes to fixing your garage door, the cost of repairs can vary greatly depending on the specific issue that needs to be addressed. Whether it’s a broken spring, malfunctioning opener, or damaged panels, each repair requires different expertise and resources. The average price to hire a garage door repair company in or near Gilbert, Arizona can range from $55 per hour to $175 per hour. The average price for the complete job, typically ranges from $150 to $1,500. If you are looking to completely rebuild your garage door replacement prices can range from $1,479 to $10,000 and up.


Infographic of reason your Gilbert garage door may break and how much to fix it



Get Affordable Garage Door Specialists Near Gilbert

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Best Garage Door Repair Estimates for Gilbert Homes

Blue Fox specializes in providing affordable garage door services. We focus on complete garage door rebuilds & strengthening the life span of your garage doors. Blue Fox Garage doors can provide affordable pricing for most Gilbert houses, as well as improved springs and overall garage door repair components.

Let’s take a look at some of the factors that determine the cost of garage door services near you


Garage Door Price Estimations for Gilbert, Arizona

Garage Door Repair Price Estimates: Low End Price High End Price Average Hours of Labor
Spring Replacement: $350 $475 + 1 – 2 Hours
Cable Repair: $290 $395 1 – 2 Hours
Motor Replacement: $580 $1,200 1 – 2 Hours
Door Panels: $315 $900 + 1 – 2 Hours
Door Replacement $1,479 $10,000 + 4 hours

Here we show you the average cost prices for garage door repair components and overall charges for the low and high end. What to expect to pay from a Gilbert Garage Door Repair company. We also high light the average hourly rate for a garage door repair service near Gilbert, Arizona.

Labor Costs


When it comes to labor costs for garage doors, there is no single fixed price tag assigned to every job. Garage door companies typically charge by the hour or per job – typically ranging from $55 to $175 per hour. Some companies even offer flat-rate pricing for specific repairs, so it’s important to get a quote before work begins.

Parts and Supplies

The part or supplies needed for your garage door will also play a role in the overall cost of the job. Depending on the issue, you may need to purchase new springs, cables, openers, or motors to complete the repair. Prices are estimates can range from a few dollars for a single cable to hundreds of dollars for more complex components.


The complexity of the job is another factor that impacts the cost of garage door repair near Gilbert, AZ. If there are multiple issues with your door, it could require more labor and supplies than a single repair. This is why it’s important to get an accurate description of the issue before any repairs are made and negotiate a fair price for the work.

Additional Services

In some cases, you may need additional services from your Gilbert garage door company . These could include emergency service, installation of new components, preventative maintenance, or other specialized services. These will all affect the cost of the job, so be sure to discuss any additional services you may need with your repair company in advance.

Overall, understanding all of the factors that can impact the cost of garage door service. It is essential to thoroughly research any garage door company in Gilbert, for getting a fair price & professionals for the job. From labor costs and parts to complexity and additional services. Alwasy remember to check the reviews and overall work history of the garage door company you wish to hire near you! Blue Fox Garage Doors can help you find the right solutions!

Remember their are many components to consider when replacing your entire garage door system. Here are some of the breakdowns for garage door repair in the Gilbert area:

  • Garage door spring repair cost: 
    • Garage door springs cost ranges from $350 to $475.
    • Labor to replace garage doors springs range from 1 to 2 hours of labor.
  • Garage door track system replacement cost:
    • Garage door tracks cost ranges from $295 to $650.
    • Labor to replace a garage door track system ranges from 1 to 4 hours labor.
  • Garage door cables replacement cost:
    • Repairing garage door cables ranges from $290 to $499.
    • Labor for replacing garage door cables can range from 1 to 2 hours labor.
  • Garage door motor repair or replacement:
    • Garage door motor cost to replace or repair ranges from $580 to $1,200
    • Labor for repairing a garage door motor can range from 1 to 3 hours
  • Complete Garage Door Replacement
    • Garage door replacements can range from $1,479 to $10,000 +
    • Replacing a garage door can take an average of 4 hours labor

At Blue Fox Garage Doors, we make repairing your garage at your Gilbert home easy. Our trained professionals have been helping residents in your area for years. Looking to have your garage door inspected and a price estimate for repairs. Reach out today!

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